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Clients Feedback

We look forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

Molecular distillation works well in UK
Neil buys turnkey set of SPD-80 molecular distillation, it is a little fragile, so he’s worried about it may break in the shipment. With our professional structure and package, it arrives safely and working well.

Popular 100 liters jacketed glass reactor
100 liters jacketed glass reactor is the most popular volume. It always makes all clients satisfied. 

10 liters rotary evaporator to Singapore
This is a client from Singapore, His name is Peter. It was the first order between us. He was looking for a 10 liters rotary evaporator with chiller and vacuum pump.
After getting the cargos, he didn’t know how to install one pc of the accessories of the rotovap with use manual. So we talked by WhatsApp, and he installed it one step by another during the calling. In then end, all be resolved. He was so excited and satisfied.

Trust of 150 liters jacketed glass reactor
Mauricio is in Brazil. We’ve got another order of jacketed glass reactor already. At firstly, they were worried about the quality of our 150 liters double layers glass reactor, so before the first order, they asked a third-party inspection company to inspect not only company’s condition of existence, but also quality of each manufacture steps. After production of the first order, they asked the inspection company to come again. Two days later, they got the inspection letter, and they texted me to release the payment and shipment.

My friend Joao and his glass vessels
Joao, who is one of my best foreign friends now. He trusts me, and I keep providing him high quality, great service. He buys jacketed vessels and single layer vessels. Out of work, we also talk about music, traveling, etc. Sometimes, it’s just a short chat. It’s my pleasure to know this friend, and I enjoy to talk and work with him.